Participate in Council and Committee Meetings

You can attend any Council or Committee meeting that is held in public and if you want to raise an issue at a meeting you can ask a question or present a petition. To take part you will usually need to let us know in advance and follow the rules set out in the council’s Constitution.

If you are unsure how council and committee meetings work, or require any support in order to participate, you can email or telephone 01452 766321.

Have a look at our list of Committees to find out which meeting is right for the issue you are interested in and check the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

If you would like to support or object to a planning application support or object to a planning application at Planning Committee, there is a separate process.

Come to a meeting

All meetings are held in public and you are always welcome to come along and watch, where there is an exempt item being discussed you may be asked to leave the room for the duration of that item. No ticket is required and you do not need to tell us in advance.

Take part in a meeting

Ask a question
  • You need to tell us you want to ask a question(s) by midday three clear working days before the meeting by emailing your question to (see the meeting agenda for the specific date).
  • You can ask up to three questions for consideration at any one meeting and these will need to be accepted before-hand (this will be confirmed to you in an e-mail). 
  • You can attend and ask the question yourself, or ask for someone else to read it out for you. If you don’t attend the meeting, you will be sent a copy of the answer after the meeting. 
  • The Committee Chair will answer your question at the meeting. 
  • You may ask one supplementary question upon receiving your answer, should you wish to. 

  • Present a petition or make a deputation
  • You don’t need to tell us in advance if you want to present a petition or make a deputation, but it is helpful if you can. Letting us know in advance will ensure that you receive a response at the meeting. If you don’t let us know in advance, you may have to wait for a response to be provided after the meeting. 
  • Your speech can be up to three minutes long. 

  • Privacy Notice: If you want to take part in a meeting, we will collect and use your name, address and email address for the purposes of facilitating your involvement. Your name only will be shared during the meeting in order to introduce you, but will not be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Your personal data will ordinarily be destroyed after the meeting, but may be used to take action against any participant who deliberately misuses or disrupts the proceedings.